Forestry for the wellbeing of the planet

We believe that people and woodlands deserve the best of each other

A new direction

Scotland is one of the most deforested countries in Europe. Its history has been one of stripping the land bare, clearing both communities and trees in the name of economic progress. We want to redefine what 21st century forestry looks like, restoring the landscape and reconnecting people with nature, whilst still thriving economically. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the facts and figures, but we believe it’s not too late to rewrite the story.

We can reverse the damage done and reshape the future

Our mission

These four principles are the backbone of everything we do and they guide all of our project decisions



Preserve our irreplaceable ancient woodland that once covered Scotland, supporting its unique flora and fauna and complex ecosystems


Reforest our bare hills to provide Scotland with a dynamic and thriving woodland resource, changing landscapes and lives


Develop innovative opportunities for individuals and communities to engage with nature and participate in the restoration process


Stimulate biodiversity by enriching indigenous habitats and encouraging the resilience of species, age and woodland types

Healing not stealing

We believe in the deep connection that exists between nature and society. Climate change and deforestation have severed this bond,  but we have time and resources to heal it. By restoring the landscape, our goal is to inspire and empower people to experience the woodlands and reconnect with them, demonstrating that they can take an active part in bettering the land.

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