Forestry consultancy and woodland management


With over 80 years of combined experience, TreeStory specialises providing end-to end forestry consultancy and woodland management. We work with landowners to help create and manage diverse, ecologically connected woodlands and forests across Scotland. Whatever your objectives, we have the commitment, passion and experience to undertake ambitious projects of landscape-scale woodland transformation.

Sustainable forest management

As a team, we are driven by the same goal: to make woodlands great. From planting, through to harvesting, we manage every aspect in the annual rhythm of woodland activities, with a focus on low impact solutions and increasing diversity.

Woodland creation

With support from the Scottish Government and natural capital investors, there are unprecedented opportunities to create new woodlands, forests and habitats. 

Ecological restoration

Our expert woodland consultants have partnered with the award-winning charity Trees For Life, uniting over 25 years of ground-breaking conservation work. Together, we provide an unrivaled service for managing native woodlands and habitats. 

Timber harvesting

We provide bespoke timber marketing and harvesting delivery, ensuring the highest environmental and safety standards, as well as the best return for your timber sale. 


Strategic planning and assessment

Whether it’s an existing conifer monoculture, a moribund native woodland or a hillside devoid of trees, we expertly assess landscapes to inspire a long-term strategic vision for a thriving future.


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