Green investment

Your investment can make a difference

Woodland ownership can provide a rewarding asset class for a range of investors. Our green investment services across Scotland do much more than helping to create a financial return. We help investors to generate a measurable environmental and social impact, creating a truly sustainable, long-term investment. 

Green Investment

Investment analysis

Forestry is a long-term investment, so we use a range of indicative forecasting and modelling tools to help you make informed decisions about investment opportunities. 


Green Investment


We help you explore the forest market to select the best properties for your green investment objectives and take you through the entire acquisition process. We know that the market can be a busy place, which is why we can also introduce you to off-market opportunities. 


Green Investment

Site assessments

Our team of woodland experts can provide detailed site analysis before you buy, identifying any possible showstoppers and providing a vision for the property’s true potential.


Green Investment

Portfolio and fund management

Coming soon – Don’t want to go at it alone? We are working on a signature TreeStory Investment Fund: a portfolio of green investment opportunities that are managed by us and meet our values. 


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