Carbon negative, ecologically positive

Bringing you opportunities for impact investing in a revitalised Scotland

What is EcoCarbon?

Trees are not just about carbon, and neither is the impact of our businesses. EcoCarbon is our answer to environmentally responsible carbon off-setting. Our EcoCarbon projects have been designed and implemented by us, following our principles to ensure greatest net ecological impact. Our investors care about much more than ticking a box: they are taking part in protecting nature and are genuinely connecting with their projects. 

About the platform

Our EcoCarbon platform will showcase our carefully selected woodland and forest portfolios. We will tell the story behind each project and share how every contribution can make a lasting impact.

How it will work

1. Calculate your impact

Calculate your impact and learn about the different ways in which you can reduce your emissions.

2. Choose a project

Browse our network of projects across Scotland and choose the one you want to partner with.

3. Enjoy your woodland

In addition to regular updates on your project, we will offer a programme of experiential visits to your woodland.

For everyone

Our platform will empower people to make an active contribution to halting climate change and loss of biodiversity. Our goal is to deepen people’s connection to the woodlands they have helped create.

For businesses

Take your company’s carbon off-setting one step further. Don’t settle for being carbon negative: become ecologically positive. We don’t just sell carbon, but all the benefits that come with an environmentally integrated project. In becoming an EcoCarbon Investor, we are empowering you to make a real impact. We want to stop the degradation of our land and transform the Scottish landscape, and we want you to join us.

For landowners

Join the expanding network of ecologically connected woodlands and be featured in our EcoCarbon portfolio. Help us unite impact investors to your land through our platform.

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